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Booking tutors made easy

Solo Project

Parsons School of Design​


UI-UX Design​


8 weeks

Cre is an online tutor service catering to high school and college students to find friendly tutors. Here the students can take lessons with expert instructors of their choice and improve their learning.


The platform launched their online flow about a year ago and had  low completion rates. They got a lot of complaints and bad social media reviews about how confusing the process is.The business was struggling with many tutors wanting to leave because of less clients. My goal was to revamp the website such that it is user-friendly and reliable.

Tutor Orial.png

HMW Statement

How might we help Tutor Orial improve its conversion rate?


Current User Flow


Heuristic evaluation

Summarising Problems

  • Oversimplification of the interface leads to miss out on important information

  • Unclear flow and structure of the process increases the difficulty of the user

  • Doesn’t show the number of tutors available, avg wait time, number of bookings in the past x hours/days

  • No feedback is provided to the user, hence makes it difficult to follow through next steps

  • No “undo” or “redo” button
    Usage of “download icon” alongside “cancel”, “proceed”, “next”, “pick” buttons confuses the users of the task at hand
    “Cancel” button might just lead to the start of the form hence inconvenient

  • Aesthetic is simple and clean, but usage of negative space is inconsistent and makes the interface look incompleteNo prioritization of the contentColour scheme is decent and fits well in the convention of the education spaceTypography is informal as there is use of comic sansHeadings should be closer to input fields.Usage of multiple typefacesStroke of the icons is not consistent throughout, it would be better to use the same stroke as used in the illustrationsUsage of photographs of the tutors rather than illustrations will give the platform more credibility.


Adjacent industry audit


Usability Test


Final UI

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