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Tutor Orial

UI-UX Design

An online tutor service catering to high school and college students to find friendly tutors.

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earlyseed Ventures

UI-UX Design

Designing the website for a venture capital firm enabling and empowering Indian startups to grow nationally and globally. 

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UI-UX Design

Developing a virtual dating application for people in long-distance relationships, a new interactive way to keep in touch with your significant other.

Brand Identity, Brand Collaterals, UI Design

Rebranding of a digital ecosystem, Kool Kanya, leading to increased outreach by just a few users to 7M+ women. 

Design Strategy, Print Applications, UI Design

Creating a design language taking inspiration from The Design Squiggle by Damien Newman for a global strategic design studio.

Indian Epics

Brand Identity, Brand Collaterals

An exhibit for children to explore The Great Indian Epic - Ramayana. Legends recreated through immersive media to highlight ancient moral values. 

Miracle Feet India

Brand Identity, Brand Guidelines, Print Applications, UI Design

Rebranding an NGO on a mission to eliminate clubfoot from India.


Brand Identity, Packaging

Designing for an Indian cosmetic brand, specialising in Ayurvedic preparations for it's product.

The Loft

Wayfinding System Design

Creating a wayfinding system for a social hub, bringing energy, creativity and vitality together in Hyderabad.

Mall of Asia

Wayfinding System Design

Creating a wayfinding system, to enrich the botanical and luxury experience of the mall, while making the public environment navigable and the wayfinding system sophisticated.


Wayfinding System Design

Creating a wayfinding system, for 47 acre mixed-use township located in Whitefield, Bangalore.


UI-UX Design

Introducing a new feature, such that it increases the visibility of the platform and helps generate  monetary value.

coming soon

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