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Let's start small with sustainability!


Sustainable Packaging 



Brand Identity


Do you enjoy hard-boiled candy and find yourself visiting the nearest Kirana store to buy a handful? These 1-5 rupee candies are wrapped in plastic. Moreover, these candies are wrapped individually in plastic even when they are sold in a packet of 100. Ever wondered how something this small is hugely affecting the ecosystem?


We are here to start small with sustainability. In a world where sustainability is the need of the hour, we bring to you Pataka. Pataka is a paan flavored candy which falls in the 1-5 rupee price range and is having a biodegradable packaging with a variation using betal leaves for the packaging itself. 


"Betel leaves can be stored in zero energy cool chamber with acceptable qualities 2 to 5 days more than the leaves stored under ambient conditions, depending on the packaging system.” Biological life, shelf life, and experiments with the betel leaf led to variations that would be tentative as more research on the leaf continues in the world. But, we think it’s worth a try!

We noticed that home-grown taste always finds acceptance faster if launched in new forms. Therefore to cater to the Indian sweet tooth, we have a twist on the ‘traditional' paan.

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