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Redefining Flo

Solo Project

Parsons School of Design


UI-UX Design


15 weeks

Flo is a reproductive health app having 200 million downloads worldwide and 48 million monthly active users. It provides menstruation tracking, cycle prediction, and information concerning preparation for conception, pregnancy, early motherhood and menopause.


Our vision for Flo was to introduce a new feature, such that it increases the visibility of the platform and helps generate more monetary value. We also focused on revisiting the existing features and refining them to better cater to our users.

Flo- Intro.png


Introduce a new feature for the application

App Audit

We started by doing an audit of the app's existing features. This included analysing what works, and what doesn't work, functionally and visually and what can be improved. 

App Audit 1.png

Jobs To Be Done 


Using the "Jobs To Be Done Framework" we focused on understanding the primary and secondary functions of the existing app. Where and how the app is used. 

Industry Audit

Looking at our competitors we were able to derive insights on what is happening in the industry.

Industry Audit.1.png
Industry Audit.2.png
Industry Audit.5.png
Industry Audit.3.png
Industry Audit.4.png

Data is everything

We noticed that there is an abundance of data collected by most of these applications by having long questionnaires in the onboarding.

The question was- why collect so much data?
After researching, we found out that if an application is free, they primarily make money out of sharing your data. As the applications have targeted database, which is female and tech based, it is more beneficial to the advertisers.

This made us curious to explore the terms & conditions section under these apps.

data 2.png

User Interviews

Our interviews helped us get into the mind of young menstruating females, the challenges and difficulties they face, how they choose to track their periods. We noticed that most of them did indeed use an app to keep a track for the same.

User persona-3.png
User persona.png
User persona-5.png
User persona-2.png

Moving further into the interviews, we felt it necessary to interview Gynecologists, and get a sense of what could be important for an application meant for female reproductive well-being. We were quickly introduced to the manual ways of doing things.

User persona copy.png
User persona-1.png

Themes observed

From our user interviews, we understood that applications had complicated the process of tracking periods by adding tracking for countless menstrual cycle-associated factors such as mood swings, pain, sleeping patterns, intake of medication and contraceptives, sex life, vaginal discharge, food cravings and exercise. The users would want a simpler process of tracking.

The users also wanted more flexibility towards setting the reminders so that they are well informed and aware.


Feature Brainstorms

It was time to start ideating on what features when introduced would improve the experience of the brand.

Our idea was also to come up with a new feature which gives a sense of monetary value to the application, so that the app doesn't just bank on it's advertisers and data.


Revised User Flow

After careful understanding of the market, user needs and user pain points, we added features that would enhance the experience of the app.

User Flow_Pregnancy.png
User Flow_Cycle.png

The presence of two calendar icons was confusing. The calendar icon in the lower navigation said “Today” and took a user to the “Log period” page and not to the calendar which was frustrating for many users. The actual calendar option was on the top navigation having the month beside it, which almost got unnoticed.

Solving issues with the calendar settings


Raising awareness by focusing on educating the users

It was important to bring awareness towards the different phases of a menstrual cycle and help people make informed decisions in their reporductive health journey.

Flo is a personal space where you feel safe and secure about your reproductive health. It lets you have uncomfortable conversations about yourself, your well-being and your body. To enhance this experience further, we now introduce Flo Shop so that you can get up close and personal with all your reproductive health essentials.

Flo Shop



Feeling too sick to get out of your bed? Are your cramps too painful this time around and you need quick solutions? Are you in need of immediate health consultation? Look no further! We have got you covered!

Our access to free online consultants, available to you at your convenience, is a great and inexpensive way to reach out and the get professional medical help you need.

Flo Health

Flow_Feature_1 copy 2.png
Flow_Feature copy.png


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